ARTREHUB trainers conducted a public session for media representatives at NaUKMA psychological and social rehabilitation center.

War changes people: some become stronger, others get broken. Anti-Terror Operations (ATO) veterans, who return home, face frustration and dysaptation. Some of them, however, find the way out in art therapy.

This April, charity organization ARTREHUB has officially been launched. This is a volunteer-based initiative which aims at promoting social and psychological adaption of the veterans. The method of art rehabilitation has a symbolic name — Red Thread Technique.

The core of the method is made of art parctices of the artist Zinaida Kubar, who has been learning Ukrainian rites and folk handicraft elements for more than 10 years. Archaic signs and symbols of Ukrainian culture proved to have a heaing effect on the human psychologiacl state. Red Thread Technique thus helps the veterans to get rid of postraumatic stress and other negative consequences of the war they faced.

It is really possible to find healing in Ukrainian symbolis as they have powerful energy and embrace rich history and culture. ARTREHUB team consists of 10 coaches, who have mastered Zinaida`s unique program. Now, every therapeutic session is conducted by an artist and a psychologist.

ARTREHUB team helps the participants of art rehabilitation sessions to choose the symbol of Ukrainian culture and to depict it through art means by themselves. The participants keep the result of the work done at the session as a talisman. Almost 200 veterans have already felt the healing effect of the program. Moreover, art rehabilitation unlocks creative potnetial of veterans and often inspires them to set up their own veteran business.

Red Thread Technique helps ATO veterans to get back home not only physically but also spiritually.

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