ARTREHUB has started the program of the Ukrainian servicemen rehabilitation through the Arts

In April 2018, ARTREHUB charity started officially. The purpose of this collective initiative is to help the psychological rehabilitation of people who find themselves in difficult circumstances. The peculiarity of the initiative is that it works towards rehabilitation through the Arts. Currently, the key group of the project is the Ukrainian servicemen who took part in the ATO in eastern Ukraine.

"The issue of post-traumatic effects of social and psychological adaptation of veterans and members of their families remains still open, says a military psychologist and veteran of the ATO Andrii Kozinchuk."Apart from public institutions, the society affects adaptive processes and communication with veterans. The active position is performed by the professional communities who work with combatants, communicate and introduce them to activities. This type of cooperation helps both the people and those who has returned from the war".

ARTREHUB charity formed around the method of rehabilitation through the Arts created by the artist and public person Zinaida Kubar. The basis of the author method lies in the artistic practice of the artist who has studied the ritual, folk, decorative elements of Ukrainian culture and its symbols over 10 years.

"Many years of work with symbols has formed a clear understanding that an interaction of archaic sacred symbols in the creative process has a healing effect on the internal state of a person. And the idea to use my artistic practice in psychological rehabilitation arose from the belief that an artist should be socially oriented in today's world", said Zinaida.

Over a year the artist was in process of developing and perfecting a method via conducting studies with children and servicemen, until there has been created a series of author classes in rehabilitation through the Arts at its base. Based on the author method of the artist, entitled 'Red Thread Technology', the program was developed combined into two courses designed for audience of children and adults. Each class can be conducted both within the course and separately. A team consisting of two instructors - a psychologist and artist, conducts the classes. More on ARTREHUB and the method, you can find in the summary of information.

Andrii Kozinchuk is also convinced that expressing yourself through the art is an effective additional measure of rehabilitation, at the same time, working under the methods of Zinaida, it is possible to avoid the widespread perception of art therapy as a treatment by the servicemen. "Working in ARTREHUB you may express yourself; experience anxiety and admiration in the creative process of removing negative moments and absorbing the beauty. ARTREHUB is not a treatment. This is an opportunity to live aesthetically", he says.

Currently, the project team includes over 10 instructors. They were trained by the author program of Zinaida. Each class is conducted by a psychologist and artist. Currently the community is working with the Center of Medical and Psychological Rehabilitation of participants of the ATO, Pushcha-Vodytsia Medical Rehabilitation Center of MIA of Ukraine, Department of Pediatric Nephrology of Institute of Nephrology based on Kyiv Children's Hospital No.7 and Psychosocial Rehabilitation Center of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy. All these institutions are located in or near Kyiv; however, the plan is to expand the activity to other regions of the country.

As of April 2018, more than 200 servicemen have been involved in the art rehabilitation classes. According to one participant, a Junior Sergeant of the 11 battalion 'Kyiv Rus' of Taras Glushko, "the classes help to forget about the war, tune in to a new page of life and discover internal creativity transforming into a new quality".
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