ART REHUB held classes for U.S. veterans in the United States

This month the initiative of ART REHUB was presented for American audiences. The series of art rehabilitation classes in the United States continues as a part of the framework of the project named "4.5.0." – the exhibition debut in New York of Zinaїda, the founder of ART REHUB and the author of this method.

The first public class was held on June 12 at the art center WhiteBox, and the exhibition of Zinaїda will continue to take place until July 5. The session on June 12 was attended by the veterans of the US Army, and also engaged the interest and initiative of the American youth. The idea for the classes was to depict on the canvas each person's own guardian symbol.

During the classes in Ukraine, we appeal to Ukrainian symbolism, so for the art rehabilitation classes in the United States, we decided to use universal symbols.

The following classes solely for veterans were held at the VA Medical Center in New York, a large military hospital located in Manhattan. The veterans of all ages who participated in various military campaigns of the United States are treating here. The initiative received positive feedback from participants of the art rehabilitation sessions, as well as the administration of the institution, which is interested in continuation of cooperation. The schedule of Zinaїda's art rehabilitation exercises with the patients of the hospital is ready and will take place until the end of July.

Also, the organization "Sing For Hope" invited Zinaїda to join her art rehabilitation exercises with their rehabilitation program, which starts soon for veterans in the oldest hospital in the Bronx.
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