The artist ZINAЇDA took part in the project "It is amazing to be me" of the psychological help centre "Rivnovaha"

On November 7, 2019 at 16:00 in the One Street Museum (2B Andriivskyi Descent) will open the exhibition of paintings by children with special needs together with Ukrainian artists.

The main object of the project is to draw attention to the problems of children with special needs and methods of working with them. As part of the work, the artist and the child painted on different canvases simultaneously: the theme and the colours of the painting were chosen by the child, and the artist followed child's imagination, repeating the picture on own canvas and making of it a finished painting.

The idea of joint drawing was created on the principles of working with children with special needs – watching, joining, following, developing. The experts of the centre "Rivnovaha" believe that this way of work is much more effective in the development of the child's individual potential.

"We draw our paintings together – children with autism and artists. We had no purpose to teach each other. We paved the way towards understanding and love. Towards understanding that our features can be our strengths and we don't need to break ourselves, train or build into the system" comments the project idea leading specialist of the centre "Rivnovaha", candidate of psychological sciences, psychologist, psychotherapist Oksana Shlionska.

"For the artist, it is a very valuable experience, because children with special needs are immersed in their inner world, and it is the joint creativity process that helps to feel and understand it. There is a kind of unity of worlds that helps, first and foremost, the child. The kid sees the reflection of his or her world in a different picture, and it allows to expand its boundaries or even to go outside. This project is a good example for our society of how to communicate and feel not only special children, but also each other" – shares her impressions Ukrainian artist ZINAIDA.

An artist and a children's writer Vitalii Kyrychenko, an artist Olesya Rybchenko as well as students of the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture joined the project.

The exhibition will run from 5 to 25 November, 2019 in the exhibition hall of the One Street Museum at 2B Andriivskyi Descent. Museum opening hours: 12:00 to 19:00 daily.

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