Easter as a reason for the resurrection of life

We were self-isolated, although, to be honest, we have isolated ourselves from the world. From the real, not technological world.

We were not very open before. In a frantic pursuit of success, of desire to be in time, of new modern toys we have been closing ourselves more and more.

Easter is a reason for a new life, for a new view, prospects. This is a return to traditional values – to family, to true love, friendship, to things that can hold us in this troublous life.
And art of sacred symbols also allows us to open up the most. This is what we already have inside, what was inherent since childhood, what harmonizes. The sky, the earth, the sun, the moon, stars...
That is why, at the time of preparation for Easter, the ARTREHUB charity organization, founded by ZINAIDA, hosted the workshops “Protective Charm Symbol” and “Egg-Raitse”. After all, in order to change something, it is necessary to become these changes. This is what our ancestors did when they harmonized space through everyday life, creativity, and calendar events.

Participants painted the symbol but transforming it into a modern dimension. Because now people don’t have much time to do it as they used to. This tradition has already transformed, and moreover, live communication is not possible now.
In this process of returning to oneself through creativity, the main thing is to listen to oneself, to follow the inner call.

Drawing a protective charm symbol, among which is the symbol of Easter – the Ukrainian Easter egg, perhaps, most fully reflects the essence of the “Red Thread Technique”, because it is a process of expressing own desires, dreams, aspirations, experiences, hopes. It is a ritual during which we transmit our view of life and inner energy to the canvas. And this is what is then realized in life.

We assist in psychological recovery by conducting art rehabilitation classes. Yes, we work with autistic children, Ukrainian soldiers who participated in the ATO... Now art-rehabilitation will help too.

The basis for ARTREHUB foundation, in fact, is the belief that art should play a greater role in people’s lives than simply being an object of beauty or aesthetics.

“I believe that art should heal wounded souls, help people. This is what will help us get out of this isolated world,” says ZINAIDA, the founder of the “Red Thread Technique”.