Professional, organized and sympathetic. American veterans thanked ZINAIDA for art rehabilitation classes

ARTREHUB received a letter of appreciation from Anthony Stamatouras who works in the Department of Veterans Affairs in the VA NY HARBOR Club in New York. In this letter he thanked the artist and founder of this initiative – ZINAIDA for art rehabilitation classes she conducted for American veterans.

Anthony Stamatouras noted that ZINAIDA was a volunteer of the VA NY HARBOR Club in 2018, where she conducted 20 rehabilitation sessions. She has helped in many events, has always been proactive.

"Highly professional, organized and sympathetic. Veterans (these are veterans of the wars in Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq) rejoiced when she was with them. She has always devoted herself, gave one hundred and ten percent to her art rehabilitation work," he stressed.

According to him, ZINAIDA is a talented artist, whose art classes have always been crowded.
The American veteran also said that in her classes she involved famous people to present the topics as best as possible. She also established cooperation with the Embassy of Ukraine in the United States.

"Her artistic skills and master classes have contributed to the recovery and rehabilitation of our veterans," he wrote.

ZINAIDA is the founder of the collective volunteer-based initiative ARTREHUB, aimed to help people who find themselves in difficult life situations in their psychological rehabilitation. The initiative is based on practicing art rehabilitation according to ZINAIDA's authorial method called "Red Thread Technique".

The method was created on the basis of her own artistic practices. It is based on the use of symbolism in Ukrainian culture and combined with the practices of folk crafts.